Uncomplicated Nutrition

Rule number one, let’s not make it too complicated!

SWith all the diet fad news that has spewed in the last 40 years you can see how a person can give up and give in. Why bother trying to figure it out when one day eggs are bad and the next day eggs are good.  Apples are scary, unless they are organic – and then the great peanut butter recall.  Gee Whiz! Americans are bigger and fatter in larger numbers than ever before. Two thirds of adults are clinically obese, and one third of American children per Dr. Oz’ article “The Oz Diet” (Time magazine 9/12/11)

SCheese good or bad? What about butter verses margarine? Diet sodas are low fat – and what about sodium?

SIf you don’t want to count calories, or read reams of material here’s the whole article in a sound bite:

Eat Whole Foods!

SThe less processed a food is, the more fiber and nutrients are retained. Thus a baked potato (skin on) is better for you than a boiled one with the skin off.  Processed french fries are less nutritious than the boiled potato and lowest on the nutrition per ounce scale,  our friend the potato chip. Think about things you find in nature: tea, juice, water – any of them better choices than diet soda, soda or gatorade. Why did the ancient Romans, whose preserved bodies were found at Pompeii have beautiful teeth? Because the only source of added sugar they had was wild honey. Eat like a Roman, stay away from sugar unless you are adding it onto your food by yourself. The few teaspoons of sugar you might sprinkle on a grapefruit, over plain yoghurt or into coffee are far less a problem to your diet than sugary donuts, ready made snack foods and sugary breakfast cereal.  Even the seemingly healthy granola bars are often saturated with sugar, high fructose corn syrup, or partially hydrogenated fats – eat Oatmeal instead! Or bake your own granola.

SNuts verses French Fries:

SNuts have more fat and fiber expanding in your stomach to create a “full” feeling so you eat less at your next meal. French Fries cause a spike in sugar (glucose) in your bloodstream causing the body to secrete insulin leading to hunger signals. You eat more at your next meal.

SThe truth is, even if you tried to eat an equal amount of calories via nuts as you do in a super size french fries, you would probably quit eat the nuts before you completed a thousand calories worth because you would feel full.  So the next time someone gives you a hard time for eating nuts, or a fresh avocado, or a handful of dates – ignore them.  Whole foods beat processed food every time.  The good fat in an avocado is essential for healthy skin and hair.  The fiber in any of those foods will give you the full feeling that processed foods will not.