Take yourself seriously, but not too seriously

Yes, yes, yes, Auntie Yoga wants you to take yourself seriously. Please eat well, sleep enough, exercise, meditate and come to class! Obtain some fun clothes to wear, a mat you like to use and appropriate props. Carve out time in your day for yourself. Sometimes, if you are a parent, this has to happen either before your kids wake up or after they go to sleep. Sometimes the time is counterintuitive. For example, do you veg out in front of the TV in an effort to decompress after work? What if, instead of wasting your mind, you used that same time for a short meditation? You may be pleasantly surprised how much better you feel, ready to connect to your friends and family. So, yes, take yourself seriously.

JUST NOT TOO seriously! Have you ever met someone so spiritual they are no earthly good? Or how about the vegetarian/vegan on a non-gluten kick who won’t even enjoy cake at a kid’s birthday party? Do you have “news” for everyone regarding the latest health scare? Well, lighten up! ! !  IF the room clears when you walk in, you’ve been taking this all too seriously!

Well, what if you got too many sad responsibilities to lighten up? What if the mortgage is due and you have no money, or your hip is fractured and you have no health insurance, or your boss has just accused you of stealing and you really need that job – what then? I suggest you avoid people with pithy one liner solutions and take a retreat into temporary solitude. Yes, take yourself seriously. Be gentle with yourself.

Yoga is a real practice is quantifiable results.  Do the right practice and you will feel better in your body afterwards.  Learn to breath correctly and strengthen your lungs.  Smoker? Then you really need yoga because it will help rebuild the lungs you are weakening! Stiff? Then you really need yoga because it will tenderize the facia that is tightening up from lack of use.  Overweight? Well – I think you know where I am going with this.  Don’t expect your doctor to have all the answers.  Poor lady is probably over worked and underpaid thanks to all the unfortunate changes in health care and the cost of administrators to dole out the coverage.  Partner with your Health Professional! Come in fit to the best of your ability by de-stressing yourself.

Your life would be less stressful if you slept better.  You could buy a better bed, eat more effectively, and meditate – and all three of those practices might be seen as “arms” of yoga.  The full practice of yoga encompasses ethics, philosophy and asana.  So why not start?  Yoga is fun, inexpensive and nothing is more valuable than feeling comfortable in your body!