Take a step, any step

One of truths about yoga is that it is a Personal Experience. If you are curious about it, and shy to try, there’s really no getting around having your first class. Oh yes, you can ask your doctor for a go ahead. You can ask your friends and family if they like yoga. You can call a studio, or speak to an instructor. And truly that is due diligence. However, none of that creates personal experience. If you want to try yoga, take your first step: attend a class.

Remember anything worth doing is worth doing poorly.  If you aren’t instantly good at something, you might have to learn! That’s what you’re paying the teacher for – so don’t be afraid to misstep.  Do it poorly until you do it well.  That’s probably how you learned a variety of things, except this one thing is more important.  If you don’t “use it” you’ll lose it.  If you don’t start moving your body, it will get stiff from lack of use.  If you think you are “too stiff” to do yoga, you have the wrong idea! Yoga is to combat stiffness! Yoga will alleviate, slow or stay early on-set arthritis.  Yoga is for comfort in your body, about as important as brushing your teeth and washing your hair.

Attending a class is different from a DVD because you can ask questions. Attending a class is better than a DVD because it can be customized to suit you. Attending a class can enhance your DVD practice at home because you will better understand what is happening in the video. Classes are also fun and social. You may learn as much from the other students as you do from the teacher. Maybe someone else shares your particularly injury and can give your some tips regarding modifications. Or maybe you’ll jive with people who share your interest in better health, better diet, continuing exercise programs.