The point is getting well

The point is getting well

Unfortunately I can’t just drag an addict to a yoga class and expect it to “work” Yoga is a wonderful tool for the people who are interested in getting to know themselves. Oops, they have to be interested. There’s the catch. Yoga is an inside job. Addicts who are sent to yoga classes by well-meaning friends, […]

Where I live now, Part II

Yesterday I received in my email inbox a piece from Yoga Journal regarding love relationships. The piece annoyed me so much I wrote my blog on it yesterday. I felt sad that 40, 50 years after the supposed “women’s movement” relationship advice still centers around freeing your inner child. It’s like play acting at being […]

Positive Thinking

In the last couple of months some seriously bad things have happened. If you’ve ever been diagnosed with an incurable disease, experienced the sudden, unexpected death of a loved one, lost your job, wrecked your car, or otherwise had your fragile infrastructure messed with, then you know what I mean. When this sort of thing […]

Intro to Yoga

You may not know that there are eight arms to yoga, and that postures – the physical workout is only one of the arms. You are certainly not required to practice all 8 arms, I just thought you may find it interesting to know what some of the stated goals of yoga are! The 8 […]