Dawn’s early light

Dawn’s early light

If you read my provocative piece yesterday, or perhaps I should call it “incite-full” on kosha, you might be wondering as an amateur yogi, where does all that fit in with the chakras?  Chakra symbols are displayed in yoga studios, on walls, brochures, tattooed up people’s spines – what’s up with that? Do clear chakras impart spiritual powers? Verily I […]

On my bookshelf

For the student who would like to know more yogic philosophy: i.e. what are Chakras and how do they work I recommend the books of Swami Sivananda, founder of the Divine Life Society. These books, written in the 1930’s and later (he wrote more than 200 books) read like expositions on the Yoga Sutras by […]

Not Thinking of You

Once upon a time someone asked me what chakras were so I started writing in general about them, and also in specific. If you go back a couple blogs you’ll find one on the throat chakra, and one on the root chakra. Today I’m tackling the the third chakra: Manipura. I have seen it described as located […]

Journey up the Chakras

The last piece I wrote, if you’ve been reading these in chronological order was a brief overview of the “chakras” (alternatively spelled “cakras” in early translations of yogi literature), which I started writing because recently a couple of people asked what chakras were. It was very tempting to say they were rainbow colored tattoos you […]