Pesky Ten Pounds

Here’s a sign I saw when I was out and about.  I had to chuckle about someone spending the $$$ to misspell both “dragon” and “lair.”  But then I thought, perhaps the goal is to find something that will google well – ain’t nobody else spellin’ it Dragoun’s Leir ! Check it out if you don’t believe me, they dominate the first page of a search engine. Bravo! This isn’t the 2000s when people used to go on to page 2 or 3.  343,000 results (0.47 seconds), and I’m not traveling past the first page, so trust me on this one – Dragoun’s Leir picked the name that search-engines well.  This is bad news for the post menopausal crowd.  We used to get happy faces, and circled red “A”s at the tops of our papers for spelling “dragoun” correctly.  Phooey!

The world changes and we must run as fast as we can just to stay still, right?

How has the world changed? There’s a lot more pressure to look “hot” at 50 than there ever used to be. Since I have comfortably retired from working on that project I am free to observe.  In the 1970s 50 year olds were people who had kids at 20 and were happily looking forward to dandling grand babies on their laps.  Grammies wore muumuus, or curlers, or night caps hahaha.  Now a days if you see a lady of 50 with a school age child you tend to assume she’s the mother – am I right? Nothing wrong with that! Fifty year olds might be wearing yoga pants, or jeans and dandling cell phones or iPads. . . . If you are in your 50s now you may have noticed  a strong demarcation between the generation which developed along with technology (Bill Gates and Steve Jobs are our contemporaries) and people who are a mere 5 years older than us, those people who are still really struggling the shift from analog to digital life.

I’m all for digital when it comes to bringing up information in 0.47 seconds.  Impressive, right?  No more need to memorize facts, file hard copies, or go through stages.  Transatlantic phone calls are instantaneous –  no more waiting to find an available operator to complete the switchboard connections.  But that’s all surface convenience.  When it comes to deep down change, analog is the way to go.  Because it’s impossible really to be ten pounds lighter in an instant.  Those people who are expecting instant results, they go to liposuction, they go to lap band surgery – they go to enormous lengths, to dangerous depths, to achieve what is better done step by step.

The last ten pounds, especially after menopause can be a cloyingly difficult thing to achieve.  Trust me on this one, as I have been fatter than most people, the FIRST ten pounds is way easier to loose.  The heavier you are the faster the first ten pounds melt. This can be very deceptive to a person who then experiences what is known in the biz as yo-yo dieting.  A yo-yo falls down, then reels up against gravity, not quite as far as when it started – one has to keep throwing it down essentially, to keep the momentum.  With yo-yo dieting, a quick loss of ten pounds encourages a dieter to return to “normal” eating patterns – but if “normal” eating patterns are not healthy eating patterns a net gain can occur.  Ouch!

This is why dieting doesn’t work, why I quit dieting as early as my 20s.  So how come? Inquiring minds want to know, How come, if Kumari knew about healthy eating in her 20s she managed to blimp into a whale between 30 and 40, topping out at 200 pounds? And here gentle reader is where you learn the power of mind over matter.  I got fat because even though I knew how to eat healthy, stress depressed me.  Cast adrift from my social support circle when I moved from Hawai’i to the Mainland my new team, well it sucked.  My new team, was a husband who put me down, sarcastically and snidely, who had an agenda to create isolation.  Until I addressed my root problem, no amount of “healthy snacks” would keep the weight off.  That’s kid’s stuff.

Trust me on this one, you need to lose the losers.

Don’t allow people into your life who do not share your vision.  If this means you live alone with your dog, well hey, that’s not so bad! My dog was a great work out partner.  She took me on walks, went at my pace, and never complained.  So Numbah One: solve root cause and then incorporate healthy eating habits and then – – – AND THEN deal with the last ten pounds through exercise.

One, two, three – go in order, don’t skip steps. don’t fake it.

1) Address root cause

2) Change your diet

3) Exercise

Eventually you do all three at once for the rest of your life, but begin in order – because you know what happens if you don’t?  ? ? It doesn’t work! lol.  It doesn’t work.  Skipping over number one is how people get caught up in weird dieting, excessive exercising and other addict-habits.  Show me an addict and I’ll show you a person committed to avoiding root cause.  All of the pent up, misdirected sadness and rage has to go somewhere, right?  Well, thank God you’re not that.  You can change, all you have to do is start.  If you’ve been reading this blog for at least three days you probably already addressed #1 and #2, so we’re ready to discuss three:

You may not be able to avoid exercise, if you want to lose the last ten pounds because even if you are naturally thin, and well within your doctor’s AMA weight charts, as you age testosterone levels drop and muscles slacken, estrogen levels change and the pouch belly arrives.  So find something you can do and do it: walking, running, biking, yoga, pilates, tai-chi.

Pick something you like or you won’t stick with it.  Yoga is for me, but maybe not for you.  Or maybe it is for you and you just haven’t found the style, the teacher, the class that is right for you.  Whatever you do, don’t beat yourself up! That’s for chumps.  Have a nice life, hahahaha

Talk again real soon