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I like an email I received so much I am reposting it in full. I believe in cross promotion. If you like what you read at please do what you can to boost traffic. Share the news! Like us on Facebook. Mention me to friends and family. Visit a yoga class. Review me on Yelp or Google (positive reviews only please.) I believe when we support business, people and activities with heart, the heart expands. When we shrug our shoulders with a one-person-can’t-make-a-difference attitude, our world shrinks. I believe if I’m always a taker and never a giver the hole in my heart continues to gape with there’s-never-enough mentality. When I give to people willing to give back, the sum is greater than the parts.

As for the email? Here it is, in full:

Hi Kumari,

After following your website for a few months, I thought it might be a good time to reach out. My name is Jason, and I run a meditation/mindfulness training company called Unyte Health. We make meditation easier to master by combining biofeedback with immersive digital experiences.

If this sounds a little familiar to you, that might be because you’ve heard of Wild Divine, the early 2000’s company whose technology we’re iterating on. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, this video should help.

The reason I am reaching out today is that we’re in the midst of launching a new version (it’s currently over 600% funded on Kickstarter), and I thought your web site’s audience might be interested in the discounts offered as part of our Kickstarter campaign – 34% off retail price. The Kickstarter campaign finishes July 15th, so this is a time-sensitive offer. If you would like to let your audience know, I’ve attached the relevant info to the bottom of this email.

I’m also open to discussing any ways we might work together in the future. Unyte’s mission is to help people live happier, healthier lives by making meditation easier to master, and I’m open to chatting about anything that can help us do that!

Be well,

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Introducing Unyte Meditation from Unyte Health on Vimeo.

Do you have trouble finding the motivation to meditate or is it difficult to establish if you’re making progress with your meditation practice? Unyte Health’s new Interactive Meditation offering might be the solution for you – by combining biofeedback technology with immersive digital & VR experiences, Unyte makes meditation easier to learn, fun and measurable. Think of interactive meditation as a “vacation for your mind”. It’s currently on Kickstarter – – and has surpassed its funding goal by over 600%. Kickstarter backers can get more than 1/3 off the retail price – the campaign is over on July 15th, so reserve yours now!

Jason Tafler
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