Feminist test for movies

One of my friends, long ago, sent me a link to a feminist test for movies. While I don’t remember all the points the ones that stuck in my mind were:

1) Do the Female characters names? In a surprising number of movies, the female roles are so periphery that none of the female characters have names.

2) Do the Female characters have conversations with each other, (without the male characters present) ? Once again, in many mainstream movies the action heroes, the buddies, even the nerd roles are all filled by men! When women do get a small part, it is so small, all they do is talk to the male lead. They have no character development, nor personality.

The last one I remember is

3) Do the Female characters, if they talk to each other, talk about anything other than the men? So many movies are written by men, for men, about men – women are so used to it, they may not even notice how second class the female roles are. Even when Disney attempts to make quirky fun female leads for young girls to emulate such as Belle, Jasmine or the Little Mermaid, these feisty heroines talk about little besides their men, ugh. It’s ironic no?

If you want to see a good female buddy movie, far better than Thelma and Louise, because it’s funny, check out “Gentlemen prefer Blondes” with Jane Russell and Marilyn Monroe. Marilyn is hilarious as the straight woman, Jane Russell plays a sassy smart brunette. These two girls are friends, the way you would want your real best friend to act in the real world. The classic song “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” is close to the end, and worth the wait.