Hanging up the Christmas Stalkers

The wrapping paper litters the floor, the candy has been attacked. Christmas morning has come to a quiet lull in between presents and food. I opened my email before the blazing fire. Ahhh. Here is a message from my dear college roommate. But it’s not a Christmas message – it’s a warning. Apparently her daughter […]

Fire in the Forest!

If you’ve never seen a fire up close and personal, you probably don’t need to – I speak of this as the “Grand” Fire, so named because it started on Grand Terrace enters it’s fifth day of disaster. I watched from the front of StarCycle, in Lebec California on Wednesday afternoon as the blaze erupted. […]

Feminist test for movies

One of my friends, long ago, sent me a link to a feminist test for movies. While I don’t remember all the points the ones that stuck in my mind were: 1) Do the Female characters names? In a surprising number of movies, the female roles are so periphery that none of the female characters […]

Enjoying a successful yoga practice

How do you define “success”? Will you be successful when you get your first full time job? Your own apartment? How about when your business begins to turn a profit? Maybe you have loftier goals. Are you a success because you drive a $120,000 car? When you wear a diamond studded Rolex? Is it about […]

Earth Day

From it’s humble hippy dippy beginnings, Earth Day has become a worldwide celebration! With so many people on the planet it’s more important than ever to love the Earth! What are some things you can do? Eat natural whole foods. If you are hooked on the over salted taste of processed foods, go easy on […]

Downward facing Dog

Downward Facing Dog, Adho Mukha Svasana is great stretch for the back, builds arm, leg and core strength. Done properly it shouldn’t injure you. Some of the common mistakes which may cause injury are due to poor alignment or inadequate props. Let’s discuss incorrect alignment first. In this pose your weight should be equally split […]