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I’m a mild mannered yogi, poet, blogger who moved out to the mountains in the late 1990’s.  Not actually a Luddite, while certainly a quiet person.  To me, yoga is not performance art.  I’m not here to wow you with what I can do, rather, I want to guide you on your yoga journey to where you want to go.

My Story:

Growing up in the 70’s, yoga wasn’t hard to find.  I practiced asana, meditation and pranayama.  Yes I been to India.  But that isn’t what made me a yoga dork.  My true yogic awakening occurred after a traumatic injury sustained in 2009.  My life has never been the same.  If you struggle with chronic pain, loss of range of motion, or inflexibility, and weakness – then you know: it’s frustrating! A kind friend reminded me about using yoga to aid myself in recovery.  I knew some yoga, but I didn’t know enough.

I’ve been steadily learning since I started – but the field is fluid, changing at an ever faster pace each year. Figure on half of what is now known to be eventually proved to be wrong. (I would have never imagined gravity is a wave.) One must be willing to adjust.  Reality is what’s left when belief is washed away.  Therefore, we are wise to commit to continuing education.

My blogs represent ideas that take up too much time to go over in a class, a workshop or even a weekend retreat.  My blogs represent what I thought in one digital (not analog) moment, based on the information I had available at the time.  When more information is known, then yes – I welcome reconsideration! Live long enough to enjoy paradigm shifts.  Before my injury I would say I “enjoyed” yoga, and now?  Come to a class and work with me, because nothing is more valuable than feeling comfortable in your body. I wish you all the best

Sat Nam!


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  1. there you are! I was just thinking I hadn’t seen your post for a while. I like this! really loike the parentingtips – no prinicples. whichreminds me I have a boy to awaken.
    all love

  2. In 2003 I was involved in an auto accident that left me with a fractured pelvis, a broken coxis, broken ribs, and trauma induced rheumatoid arthritis. For the next nine and one half years, I was caught up in a cycle of doctor visits, prescription meds., and workers compensation attorneys. during this time my health deteriorated, I gained a lot of weight, my hair got thinner and turned white, my skin took on the appearance of a very old mans. Workers Compensation paid for my medical bills but by 2012, my prescription medication bill totaled thirty thousand dollars a year.
    The doctors offered no hope of my condition ever improving; but in early 2012, I met a woman named Nanja, who began to talk to me about holistic medicine, about altering my diet, and about yoga. In June of 2012, my bowels seized up. I didn’t have a BM for about ten days. I am sure that the meds. and an unhealthy diet were responsible. This scared me. I began to do the things that Nanja had been talking about. I changed my diet, I began practicing yoga five or six times a week, and I quit taking all my meds. It is now two years later and I am healthier than I have been in twenty years. I lost forty six pounds and I now weigh the same that I did in high school. my hair grew back and turned brown again. My skin has regained a youthful appearance, and life is good again. I’m fifty five years young and feel awesome.

    • @Mark, I am very glad to hear you are doing better – I blog from time to time more specifically on my injury, there was one sort of recently called Instant Results, which touches on this, you might enjoy

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